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Oct 112013

RIU RAU,        JALON    966480506


Delicious food, pity about the wine and listless service DSC01201

This long standing family run restaurant is located by way of a ford across the Jalon River from the Tourist office and adjacent bars and shops.

We last lunched here four years ago and although the inside of the restaurant is tastefully decorated with antique agricultural implements, we instead chose to lunch outside under the canopy of the extensive terrace.



There were a few tables already being served but it seemed to take an age before the lone server turned his attention to us and provided us with menus. Unfortunately he took off before we managed to get an order in for a drink whilst we perused the menu. When we finally managed to obtain the wine list from him, it transpired that choice of white wine was restricted to Vall de Xaló or Bahía de Dénia, both from the Jalon Cooperative; all other whites were out of stock. 

We did order a bottle of the said Co-op´s red, also called Vall de Xaló and fortunately there was a red Rioja in stock and our host promptly ordered the Conde de Valdemar Crianza (€15.50). DSC01204

The menu del día ranges in price from €12-18 (+ 7%IVA) according to the main dish selected and includes four courses as well as pan alioli and the dreaded Jalon wine.

The first course was a selection of three tapas – cocas (mini pizzas), albondigas (meat balls) with really delicious tiny broad beans and a dish of peppers, onions and aubergines.

There followed a pumpkin soup or salad and the main course. Our selection included beef in a red wine sauce, roast pork Riu Rau, monkfish with almond sauce and grilled lamb – all well prepared and tasty. DSC01209

The desserts included flan, fig tart, both homemade, ice cream and fresh fruit salad. 

It has to be said that the food was delicious and good value but Riu Rau was let down by the lack of a choice of wines and torpid service. Total p.p. €24.34. 

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