Jun 192015
MIGUEL JUAN,                       DENIA                              966431241



Miguel Juan claims to be the oldest bar restaurant in Denia. Located on the well known street of bars and restaurants, Calle Loreto.

It dates back to 1929 and contains a classic zinc bar counter, the original built in fridge, as well as a machine for producing sparkling water, one of only three remaining in Spain.

Miguel Juan started life as a bodega and tobacconist but all that remains of the latter is some interesting bric-a-brac. There is an extensive display of different gins.002

The principal menu del día costs €15 for six courses, including coffee but not wine.
We started with a selection of of cold meats or embutidos, which were not particularly interesting, but from there on, the lunch improved in leaps and bounds.006
The salad of salmon and calamares was absolutely delicious and this was followed by a dish of grilled crayfish. The fish theme continued with steamed mussels and finally a choice of two rice dishes, one with fish and the other with pieces of duck, both delicious. One of members decided against the rice options and instead had a substantial entrecote (€18).
The house wines called Collecion, were both from Utiel Requena, quite acceptable and cost €9 each. The desserts were all homemade and were followed by coffee.016

We were treated to Cardinal Mendoza brandy by the house and our atmospheric lunch cost €22.68 p.p.

A direct link to the restaurant website can be found here.

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