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Sep 112020

L´OM,                PEGO          965571215


The Pick of Pego


This restaurant is located in a beautiful courtyard at 18. Calle Ramon & Cajal. There is an indoor restaurant as well around the courtyard which at one time was part of a street called Calle del Olmo. Olmo is Spanish for Elm and as there was an Elm tree there at one time this lead to the restaurant being named L´om. Nothing to do with Lombardy.

The setting is absolutely stunning and L´om has a menu del día priced at €12.50 but does not include any drinks.

We started with a flavoursome salad and our host selected a couple of great wines to accompany our meal. These were a Rueda called Jose Pariente (€19) and the famous Muga Rioja (€23), both delicious.


Our starters included a pasta salad with shrimps and mussels, Cocas and Fideua and were all very much appreciated.  For main course we had pork cutlets which were rather disappointing and chewy.


However the overall atmosphere of L´om and the warm welcome and attention of our hostess Marie José, ensured we had a memorable and enjoyable lunch costing €26.96.



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