Apr 122013


Four gourmets at Le Gourmand!

A while back, Le Gourmand decided to make a move inland, perhaps wishing to distance itself from its next-door neighbour  (Scallops). A wise move! It now occupies a lovely position immediately below the sheer wall of the side of Montgo, half way to Jesus Pobre. Elegant al fresco dining on a lovely sunny day enhanced the experience – all purple-and-white.

The restaurant offers a menu del dia (three courses) for  €15 to include red or white vino de la casa. Our canny host stayed with the house wine – a wise move because both were particularly good. The white was a Nuviano 2012 (chardonnay) and the 2011 spicy red, from the same stable, combined Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grapes to a most pleasing effect. A second bottle followed, at a very reasonable  €10.80.

For starters we were offered three choices, and all were selected. The courgette and tomato quiche was moist, tasty and without the mind-numbing blandness which is so often found with this particular type of starter! The roasted goat cheese on a bed of lettuce might have been better with a little more garnish, but was otherwise well-received, and the chicken liver salad was pronounced “good”.

For the main course we all passed on the offer of poussin with brandy and grapes, two of us opting for a most excellent lamb tajine with crystallized lemon. This gave the (Moroccan) dish a flavour which was downright delicious! The French cut of beef called an onglet, served with shallots was also especially tasty, while our host polished off a dish of clams and prawns, pan-fried with vegetables.

The menu offered us  dessert of the day or ice cream or sorbet, but most of us opted for a three euro surcharge which gave us a medley of half a dozen “tasters” to go with our coffee – a mouthful of fruit salad, a spot of ice cream, a miniature slice of chocolate cake, a macaroon and a snifter of strawberry puree. Delicious!

It has to be said: this is not a restaurant to go to if you are in a rush – service is sedate but very friendly. It made  for a delightful afternoon under the shade of a large umbrella, and regrettably we never even ventured inside the building to be able to comment on the interior!

The total cost of this gourmet experience was  €24.24  per head.

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