Jun 012011
Las VegasLAS VEGAS, TEULADA. (+34) 96 574 0341


A gamble which didn’t quite come off….

Las Vegas was one of the first restaurants reviewed by the FLC almost four years ago. During those boom times there were three menus del dia priced at €10, €12 & €15. The most expensive menu featured lobster or entrecote. That was then, but with the recession continuing to bite there is now just one menu which is priced at €12. One thing that had not changed since our last visit was the annoying practice of the management to segregate their customers, with the Spanish to the front and the Foreigners in the rather gloomy rear of the restaurant.

We started our meal with a generous prawn cocktail & a dish of steamed mussels.

For main course we selected Pork chops, Cordon bleu with salsa & Calamares a la romano –all acceptable but not exceptional.

The wines were Castillo de Liria white from Valencia & a red Tierra de Castilla called Nazares. All in all an ok lunch which cost €14.68 p.p.

RH  63

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