Nov 182011
LA POLENTA, TEULADA    965741423  (now closed).


Going, going, gone!

No matter how good the food is, it´s difficult to enjoy a meal in a large empty restaurant such as La Polenta, at 38 Avenida Mediterraneo, the main street running through Teulada.

The barn-like restaurant has an attractive patio in the rear but the inclement November weather confined us to indoors.

Florin, our Romanian Maitre D´, ran us through the €9 menu del dia and most of us selected either the well presented, but rather bland house pâté, or the vegetable soup which curiously had pieces of chicken in it.

For main course we selected either Monkfish or a tasty Risotto dish. There was no meat dish available on the menu del diá but La Polenta has a second menu where, for €6 each dish, one could select from a range of salads, pizzas or pastas, so some of our team worked off this menu and were pleased they did. Finally our carnivorous diner went á la carte and had magret de pato/canard.

For dessert most of us played safe and had ice cream, but a crepes dish had to be sent back because the chef had omitted to cook it.

Perhaps it was the gloomy weather, but our drinks bill was greater than the food bill and included the house white and red wine, both from Valdepeñas and called Diego del Almagro, a pricey Ribero del Duero called Camino de Castilla, as well as coffees to accompany some 103 brandy. This brought the total cost p.p. to €26.83.

JLB 60   (N.B. This restaurant closed December 2011)


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