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Dec 042015
IBERIA,                                   JAVEA                         965996716




This self-styled gastrobar is located at 9, Calle de San Buenaventura which is one of the narrow streets running close by the Church in Javea oldtown. The restaurant area is tiny with seating for about twenty patrons.


Our host had been lead to believe there would be a menu del día on offer for around €14-15 but this proved to be premature as our server explained it would come into effect the following week. What was on offer was a tasting menu of tapas priced at €30, not including drinks, a Christmas menu for €65, or one could chose individual dishes from the tapas menu.
None of us felt up to splashing out on the Christmas offer but instead most of us tried the tasting menu.007
A delightfully presented tomato with cream cheese was served whilst we waited for the first course. In fact the presentation of all of the courses at Iberia is really creative. An oriental Russian salad with tuna and trout caviar was followed by deep fried cod and octopus served with creamy potato and red pepper.
The meat course was slow cooked pork belly with pumpkin puree. Our host selected a Galician white called Montenova (€16) and Finca Luzon from Jumilla (€13).

The desserts chosen were toffee cheesecake and a brownie with an unusual red ice cream.

Overall, a beautifully presented, but rather pricey lunch and we need to return to Iberia to try the new menu del día to be able to judge this gastrobar against its peers. Cost p.p. including coffee, brandy and a tip: €39.
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  1. Thank you for your interesting review. We are sad to see that you feel our establishment is overpriced. We adjust all the prices as much as we can according to the quality of product that we serve.
    To update your review a little I will explain what you had:
    The tomato and cheese was an appetizer on the house, served for all 7 guests
    4 guests choose the 30€ tasting menu, including the oriental Russian salad, deep fried cod, octopus then pork belly then the chocolate brownie x3 and a cheese cake for the other guest who couldn’t eat chocolate.
    The remaining 3 guests choose 3x conserve mussels with tomato and glass bread, Iberian ham pan fried prawns and deep fried cod.
    All the food, excluding drinks came to 171.70, that if you like to divide into 7 would be 24€ per person plus drinks. In the drinks were 3 bottles of wine, 2 beer, 2 waters, 6 coffees and 7 magnos. The Total bill was 287€, including a generous 16€ tip. (41€ per person)

    A great idea you gentlemen have but please in future write the full story as for everything you ate and drank I feel it was value for money.

    Also it was a bit cheeky saying that all the other restaurants offer you free brandy after the meal….

    • Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. We have printed your response in full so that you are not misrepresented. There are a few points to make:
      We accept that our original attempt to distinguish between the cost of meals ordered by the five club members (as opposed to their two guests) may have been unhelpful and we have therefore adjusted the text to refer to a total cost per head of €39, of which roughly €2 was a tip.
      Where we take issue with you is where you suggest that we claimed that you were over-priced. The review did not use that phrase – it said you were pricey, and we stand by that description. To explain: we normally select establishments which offer a Menu del Día – not that we necessarily restrict ourselves to that, but because it gives a point of comparison with other restaurants, pubs etc. We are not a fine dining club, but neither are we looking for a cheap lunch. We were however led to believe that a Menu del Día would be available at around €15 per head – and therefore to find that the tasting menu was double that price was a surprise. Yes, we could have selected a meal from the a la carte menu, as the two guests did, but we chose the full tasting menu and in our opinion (and as the customers, it is our perception which counts, not yours) it was pricey. We made it clear that the dishes were beautifully presented, but value for money is a justifiable concern.
      We suspect that the heart of the problem is that we are not your target audience. You call yourself a gastro-bar and presumably are looking to attract a young clientele, with wallets bulging and a demand for fine food. We are a handful of businessmen, all retired, from various parts of Europe and beyond, whose main interest is comparing eateries where we can get a good meal at a reasonable price. In vain we have looked to see when the promised Menu del Día will make an appearance – there was certainly no sign of it when we revisited shortly before Christmas.
      Your final point about the cheekiness of asking if free brandies were available is entirely valid: in our defence we can only say that our host that day was from Yorkshire: Yorkshiremen are renowned for their love of a bargain and for blunt speaking. He has had his knuckles rapped for asking for a freebie and it will not happen again! We can however assure you that we were perfectly happy to pay for the brandies, and your understandable refusal to give them to us for free had absolutely no bearing on our assessment. We wish you well for the future, and will be happy to consider a return once we hear that a Menu del Día is definitely available.

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