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BAR L’ENTRA,         VALL D’EBO   965572390



Tapas para todos

Vall d’Ebo is a small village high in the hills above Pego on the CV712. We accessed it by driving from the Vall de Pop where we turned off at Villa Mercedes, past the prehistoric cave paintings at Plà de Petracos and along a very deformed cross country single lane road. The Bar l’Entra is located on Avda. Marina Alta and on entering one would think it had no customers except for a couple of locals sipping their drinks at the bar counter.


However on passing through the doorway at the rear of the building we entered the patio area where diners were babbling away in a mulititude of languages.


There are two options for lunch; the first comprises 7 different dishes of tapas followed by a main course of of fish or meat. The second option is to indulge entirely in tapas, probably some 12 to 15 different dishes. We all opted to follow the former route and proceeded to work our way through a mixed salad, entremeses (ham, chorizo and manchego cheese), deep fried squid rings, croquetas, albóndigas (meat balls), boquerones (marinated anchovy fillets) and shrimps. All freshly prepared and delicious.


Halfway through our lunch most of the foreigner customers had left and the Spanish clientele started to arrive.


For the main course there was a choice of six fish dishes and our members selected grilled sole and our meat eater chose lamb cutlets from the four dishes on offer. The house wine was a red from Valencia called Viñas de Calles and along with coffees our very enjoyable lunch cost a modest €16.68 per person.  


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