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Was a five star…

Just over two years ago our club visited this restaurant and awarded it our top rating of five stars. It has since changed ownership and the star rating has dropped to three.

Pitons, which can mean Pythons or horns in Spanish, is located on the road from Pedreguer to Benidoleig. It is now being operated by the owners of the long established and popular  BB Grill in Vergel.

The menu del día is still priced at just €12 however the choice of dishes has become quite limited: potato salad followed by either chicken fillet or lomo of pork. As a consequence most of group decided to go á la carte.



For starters, melon with serrano ham was a popular choice and the portions were very generous, as they were for the mixed salad. Indeed one dish between two would be sufficient for most appetites.


Our main course selections included a half chicken (€6), beef fillet brocheta, (€14) and lamb chops (€14) all served with chips and garnish.

The house wines were from Bodegas Julian Santos in La Mancha, both red and white priced at €7 and eminently drinkable.

In summary Pitons offers good food and value for money, but to take full advantage it is recommended to go á la carte and share the starters. By the way, the clue to the meaning of Pitons is to be found over the fireplace in the restaurant.

Our lunch cost just €17.62 p.p.

MH 70

Feb 262016
LA TARDOR,                 PEDREGUER              660418192


Back to basicsTARDOR 014


La Tardor is a good value, unpretentious restaurant that was the type of venue that our club sought when we started out.


It is located on the corner of Calle Mestre Serrano 29, a typical backstreet in Pedreguer.TARDOR 001
The décor is plain, almost stark, but the welcome is warm and the cuisine is honest and exceptional value. The menu del día costs just €9 including a dessert, coffee and a drink.TARDOR 012


We started with a fresh salad and this was followed by a selection of four tapas.TARDOR 004
Our hosted ignored the house wine and instead selected a flavoursome Rioja called Raiza (€12).
For main course we had a rice dish called Arroz Senyoret, breast of chicken with a mushroom sauce and grilled beef steak. All enjoyable.TARDOR 008


Our desserts were three chocolates tart and a banana tart, both made on the premises.

The La Tardor staff deserve special mention for their friendliness and must be part of the reason that the restaurant attracts a mixture of Spanish locals and foreigners of many nationalities.
Cost of this unfussy, enjoyable lunch was a modest €14.90 p.p.

LdD 73       La Tardor Pedreg

Feb 072014



Museum pieceDSC00222

The N332 road is the unlikely location for this Bulgarian restaurante museo. It is to be found at km196 outside Pedreguer, heading towards Ondara, set back on the right side of the road. There is a car park and terrace in front of the restaurant, but on entering Tasca La Sella, one is transported into a veritable museum of rustic implements and tools in numerous rooms, nooks and crannies.


There are four menus on offer ranging between €9.50 for three courses but no drinks, to €14.90 and €18.90; most of us however selected a Bulgarian menu priced at €14.50 comprising three courses, bread and a half bottle of wine.


From the basic menu our colleague chose the fish soup with gambas, which turned to be a bit on the salty side. The Bulgarian starter selected was a very substantial shepherd’s salad smothered by a blanket of feta type cheese.

For main course the selected dishes were beef and potato stew and for the Bulgarians a huge mixed grill, followed by not so Bulgarian chocolate brownies and ice cream.DSC00228

On the wine front we started with a Chardonnay from the Felix Solis stable and moved on to a red wine from Extremadura with the intriguing name Habla del Silencio…   



Together with coffees and brandies our enjoyable lunch amounted to €23.25 p.p.


LdD 685 Tasca rev (1)

5 Tasca rev (2)