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TAURINO,             ONDARA      966491251


Great lunch, no bull

Restaurante Taurino is to be found on Avenida Dr Fleming 42, in Ondara just down the street from the iconic Bullring. From the outside Taurino is rather nondescript but inside it is a warm cosy venue run by Bolivians.

There are four menus del día ranging in price from just €11 to €22. There is a choice of eight starters and our members selected langoustines and a substantial goat cheese salad. Both excellent.

We all chose different main courses, three of them fish based; cod, trout and langoustines served on potato which didn´t really combine well.


Our meat eater had pork fillet wrapped in Serrano ham and was not disappointed. Our host selected Darsena Verdejo (€14) and Ramon Bilbao Rioja (€16), both well appreciated.

Our choice of desserts ranged from a Brownie, apple pie with ice cream and a fruit Macedonia, all very tasty.

Taurino was packed with lunchers but the staff coped very well and including coffees and chopitos our enjoyable lunch cost just under €25 p.p.

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Feb 182016
TASTA´M,                    ONDARA                      966477695


Tasty Tasta´m !    TAS TA´M 017

Tasta´m means “taste me” in Valenciano and is the name of this chic restaurant serving Valencian cuisine on the Plaça del Pais Valencia, not far from the now redundant Bullring in Ondara. The glass and chrome decor give Tasta´m a suave modern feel.

TAS TA´M 002

The menu del día costs €14 plus 10% IVA and whilst some of our group chose from this offering others went á la carte.

The menu members selected a filo pastry bolognesa with cheese and a very tasty sauce and salad for their starters, whereas the others chose entremesas, home made croquetas and deep fried prawns with a sauce that could have been a bit spicier.
On the wine front we decided initially to go with house selection of white from Tierra de Castilla and called Senorio de Iniesta which was a Sauvignon Blanc (€7). Unfortunately the Ribero del Duero wine we wanted was not available, so our host decided to opt for a Bobal from Utiel Requena called Dehasa del Nandu (€16), which we discovered, had an alcohol content of 15% !!

TAS TA´M 012
For main course the menu del día lunchers tucked into revuelto of artichokes and chorizo and a meloso of octopus. The off piste diners enjoyed home made hamburgers and fries and roast slices of duck breast.TAS TA´M 014
Overall a tasty lunch and Tasta´m should do well in the summer months when their extensive patio area will no doubt attract a lot of customers. The cost was €24.38 p.p. including coffees, but no brandies (because of the red wine).
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Jan 232015
RAMIS,          ONDARA              965766313


Chilling out in Ondara


Ramis is a substantial family run hotel and restaurant located on Calle Benlliure in the centre of Ondara. The spacious dining room would be ideal for wedding receptions and the like.


There are menus del día priced at €12 and €15 and we all chose the latter. The starter consisted of three dishes which we shared; a bloc of foie gras served with a wonderful fig sauce, deep fried artichokes with jamon and a fresh salad with asparagus.DSC00878[1]
The menu included a glass of wine which was a Rueda called Darsena. Our host then selected an unusually named red called Habla del Silencio from Extremadura which had been sitting in the fridge for too long and turned out to be as cold as the Rueda.DSC00881[1]
There were two choices for main course and we tried both of them. The sole meuniere was rather disappointing both in size and preparation whereas the entrecote was pronounced outstanding.
For dessert we all opted for the chocolate tart which in fact turned to be a chocolate mousse.
Our outing to Ondara cost €21.20 p.p. coffees and brandy included.
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