Dec 072012
NOU PORTET        MURLA   965072203


Now good, but could be great!

Nou Portet is to be found in the beautiful countryside of the Vall de Pop at km 23 on CV 715, which is the road from Alcalali to Orba. The restaurant is an attractive building situated amongst olive and carob trees and has an extensive outdoor patio but, as it was December, we lunched inside.


When we arrived there were three or four tables occupied by expats, but after half an hour, the restaurant filled up when a party of 20 – 30 well dressed Spaniards appeared and the decibel level rose accordingly.

There were four menus on offer, priced at €12.90 for the menu del día, €15.00 for a Gastronomic menu and two others priced at €18.90 and €24.90. We opted for the first two menus. Before either menus were served we were provided with artistically presented mini starters. In fact the standard of presentation of all of the dishes served throughout our lunch was exemplary.

The menu del día started with a choice of a delicious creamy pumpkin soup or a substantial salad. For main course there were two fish dishes, Merluza or Panga or Chicken cooked in Coca Cola! Our cautious colleague went for the Merluza which unfortunately had dried out, probably as a result of the waiters being distracted when they had to reorganise the restaurant´s table plan when the large group arrived.

From the gastronomic menu we chose both starters, which were cocas of cheese with apple, pepper with onion and black pudding, all beautifully presented. We also chose embutidos, a speciality of different sausages from the nearby town of Jalon, but these were undercooked.

Our choice of main course was an excellent shoulder of lamb and a rice and rabbit stew.

Finally our desserts included a wonderfully presented chocolate ice cream with strawberries and a somewhat dried out chocolate mousse.

The menu del dia wine was called Mesta which came from Cuenca in Castilla La Mancha, however our generous host splashed out and ordered a bottle of Palacio de Bornos Rueda  (€12) that remarkably had not been pre-chilled so we had to wait for several minutes whilst it cooled down in an ice bucket. We also had a bottle of Ribero del Duero Arzuaga 2009 Crianza (€25) which was initially delicious but seemed to become quite tart.

Along with the fine wines, coffees and brandies our meal cost €33 p.p.

This is a restaurant to watch, it could rise to higher levels.

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