Jun 292018
ICHIBAN ASIAN,            MORAIRA      966490412


Number One!

This was the fourth time our club visited this restaurant in Moraira. It originally opened under the name of La Senieta, in 2014 it became La Serrena, two years later Les Bretonnes de Moraira and now it is a very fine Asian restaurant called Ichiban which apparently means Number One in Japanese. Ichiban is located at 29 Avenida de Madrid and the décor has not really changed over the past four years but it still looks smart.

The menu del día is priced at €11.95 for three courses and includes a glass of house wine. The red was called Vegazur from Ribero del Duero and the white was the well known Campo Viejo from Rioja (€12.50).

For starters we enjoyed Spring rolls and chicken soup. These were followed by Dim Sum and Japanese skewered grilled chicken both well presented and delicious.

Our choice of main courses ranged from duck with orange sauce, to duck – Thai style, to chicken with black pepper sauce and finally  sweet and sour prawns. All dishes were served with either noodles or fried rice.

Terrific food and great value. Indeed our total bill for a wonderful lunch including some beers, wine and brandies, amounted to €22.27 per person.

SL 75


May 042018
PREMIUM PLUS,              MORAIRA                 96 617 73 87


‘Premium Plus’ means better than average

The name is not helpful: it tells you nothing about what the restaurant is trying to achieve.  Everywhere is ‘premium’, and adding a ‘plus’ to it says very little. But that minor carping comment aside, this restaurant is rather better than anticipated.

It is situated in a row of bars and restaurants, ending with the establishment called ‘Fishy Fishy’, situated close to the centre of Moraira along the road leading to Calpe. Our initial concern was with parking: Friday is market day in Moraira but we need not have worried. By two o’clock there was parking, free, right outside the restaurant, until five p.m.

We had the choice of sitting on the outside terrace but chose to dine inside, where we were further away from a large party. The interior was pleasant, if a little dark, and we  were greeted with a glass of cava each, complete with a selection of summer fruits floating (or sinking) in the glass. Not bad at all.

The menu del dia is priced at €24.20 and that gave us a choice of half a dozen starters (soup, salad with goats cheese, Caesar salad, liver parfait, seafood cocktail and gambas).     

Four of us chose the Menu (excellent  gambas – firm, tasty, and not oily – and a tasty seafood cocktail) while two of our number saved their appetites for the main course. There was a welcome little amuse bouche to start with, matched by a lovely home-made lemon sorbet between courses.


For the main course some of us had an excellent rack of ribs, beautifully cooked. One of us chose the salmon and pronounced it ‘good’ while another  chose the pork fillet. The others selected steak, in one form or another, including a rib-eye  for which he paid an extra six euros for the privilege. We could also have had chicken or duck breast, so there were no complaints about menu choice.

If there was a weak spot it was the desserts – two of us selected the chocolate mousse and ended up with an overpoweringly sweet concoction which had very little to do with chocolate and rather more to do with meringue pieces and a lot of artificial whipped cream. Maybe we should have stuck with the ubiquitous creme catalan, or the cheese tart, or even the dreaded brownie. One of us selected the cheese board – it looked varied and interesting.

After the meal we had coffees and were offered chopitos of a dark muscatel – on the house – but the lure of a decent brandy (Torres, but not on the house…) proved irresistible to some.

What made the meal was that the price included half a bottle of house wine, and especially as that house wine was not just ‘OK’ but excellent. If you judge an establishment by the quality of their house wine, this was very, very good indeed. For white wine lovers we had a sauvignon blanc, with a Finca Los Trenzones label, and for the red a 2017 Rioja roble called Cueva de Lobo (€12.10). Well received, and quickly put away!

All in all, a very decent meal which thoroughly deserved its four stars. The owner, a Turkish man from Bulgaria, is also responsible for the bar a couple of doors away called, simply, ‘Premium’ and although he seemed disappointed not to have got five stars, we think he did rather well. Cost p.p. €28.

MR   77

Apr 152016


Third time lucky?les bretonnes 009

This was the third visit by our club to this restaurant in Moraira. It originally opened under the name of La Senieta, then in 2014 it became La Serrena and now it is Les Bretonnes de Moraira. Located at 29 Avenida de Madrid, the décor of Les Bretonnes has not changed but the ownership is now in the hands of former staff from the very successful Moraira restaurant, Les Fouges.





We chose from a menu del día priced at €25 +IVA. Like Les Fouges the cuisine and wines are French.

les bretonnes 002



We started with a very meaty pate, rillettes, quiche and a fish soup which was very tasty but a bit on the cool side for some of our group. It was heated up and the mood of our group improved.

les bretonnes 003

The wines selected by our host were a Muscadet, reasonably priced at €9.80, a Sancerre called Brochard at almost double the price (€18.80) and a St Emilion Grand Cru called Chateau Palais Cardinal at €26.40. We also sampled a red Bergerac reasonably priced at €9.80 but the wine list is sadly lacking many wines for less than €20.les bretonnes 008

Our main courses included steak tartare, entrecote and three fish dishes of salmon, cod and a wonderful seafood selection of langoustines, prawns and scallops.

les bretonnes 006

For dessert we enjoyed selections of ice cream and crème brulée.

The staff were friendly, bubbly and attentive and we rounded off an excellent and enjoyable lunch with coffee and Armagnac (€6). However the price of the wines pushed up the cost of our time with the Bretonne ladies to an expensive €48.44 p.p.

PH 77     Buscard Bretonnes 001

Jun 262015
RINCON DE MORAIRA,      MORAIRA        966490360


Quiet corner of Moraira

1Unusually for a restaurant, Rincon de Moraira is located on the first floor rather than at street level, at 28 Calle Doctor Calatayud in the central area of Moraira. The owner Ramon was most welcoming and the restaurant was clean, well laid out but sadly empty, except for our party.


The menu del día costs €12.90 plus IVA and this covers a starter, main course and dessert or coffee, but not wine. The fare is quite traditional; shrimp cocktail, melon with jamon and steamed mussels were amongst the choice of five starters.
For main course the choice was between paella mixta, spare ribs, swordfish, fillet of lemon sole and escalope of veal – all enjoyable, but not exceptional.

The house wines were from Penedes and priced at €13, but our generous host traded up on the red to a crianza from Ribero del Duero called Emilio Moro which cost €25 a bottle.
Our enjoyable visit to this quiet corner of Moraira was completed by coffees and brandies which brought the cost p.p. to €32.58Rincon de Moraira 001
PH 76

Feb 272015
001KOSTA!          MORAIRA         865778300



Kosta! must rank with some of the coolest restaurants along the coast of the Marina Alta. It is to be found on the road running towards Calpe about 1 km from Moraira in a distinctive concrete, glass and chrome building. The décor inside is modern and chic.
One of the principals used to be involved in the Pedramala restaurant and he will no doubt be missed there.



The menu del día costs €16.90, not including drinks, but their red and white house wines, both called Briñal, from Rioja are reasonably priced at €9.90.
The choice of starters included duck foie gras with a fresh salad, pumpkin soup or deep fried camembert; all delicious although the latter dish was rather on the small size.007
For main course most of us chose an interesting combination of salmon served with an orange sauce, and pork steak was the alternative option which proved to be a safe bet.

The desserts were attractively presented, ice cream with egg nog or a chocolate brownie with fresh strawberries.

Our host was particularly generous with wines and brandy resulting in the total cost of a most enjoyable lunch rising to €31.60 p.p.

KK 77         Buscard 001

Oct 312014
BAJUL, MORAIRA 965743381


Truckin´ noisy, but deliciously spicy


This upmarket Indonesian restaurant is located in Moraira near the castle on the seafront, at 27 Avenida de la Paz. bajul  (10)

The décor inside Bajul is modern and bright, however as the weather was distinctly summery, we decided to have our lunch on the terrace in front of the restaurant. This proved to be a noisy decision as our conversation was routinely interrupted by passing delivery trucks, garbage trucks and the like.

bajul  (7)
Bajul does not offer a menu del día as such although one could argue that an Indonesian Rijsttafel is just that. Bajul´s Rijsttafel, priced at €22.50 is a wonderful mélange  of exotic flavours and textures.


bajul  (3)
As there are seventeen different dishes involved in this Rijsttafel there was about a thirty minute wait before the lunch arrived. We filled in the time chatting and enjoying the wines selected by our host; a Rueda Verdejo called Optimus (€14.50) and the Toro called Matsu (€16).


The food arrived in canoe like dishes and without describing each of them they embraced chicken skewers, prawns with a medium spicy sauce, pork with delicious satay sauce, beef with tomato and ginger, fishcakes with soya sauce and Balinese meat balls and these were accompanied by boiled and fried rice as well as fried noodles.
In addition there were several cold dishes incorporating vegetables and fruit, including salad with peanut dressing, a spicy cucumber and vinegar dish, Tempeh tofu, fried coconut and peanuts and sweet and spicy fried potatoes.
Together with coffees our authentic Indonesian lunch cost €33 p.p.
RH 75

bajul 001  bajul 002

Oct 192012






Plaza la Sort is located at the end of Avenida de Madrid next to the sea front in the town of Moraira and is home to a clatter of restaurants, including D´gust which has been here for six years or so. Normally we would have chosen to lunch under the parasols in the plaza but there was a storm brewing and we so we settled instead in the comfortable, stylish restaurant itself.

The menu del dia is priced at €15 and does not include any drinks. The first course consisted of a series of three starters each and most delicious they were. The Waldorf  salad was fruity and nutty and was followed by a tasty vol au vent. The andalucian dish of patata pobre with a fried egg was an absolute delight.

Three of the main courses were also to a very high standard; chicken with a mushroom sauce, rigatone carbonara and rigatone with salmon and spinach, however the bacalao provençal had a disappointing tomato sauce that was out of place in this fine dining venue.


The dessert was an artistic presentation of mint sorbet, home made ice cream, chocolate and slivers of fresh fruit.

We selected house wines to accompany this repast, the white was Fontal Verdejo Sauvignon blanc from La Mancha (€17.50) and the red was Koden Crianza from Rioja (€17.00).

A great meal, tomato sauce excepted, which cost  €27.50 p.p.

SL  79