May 042018
PREMIUM PLUS,              MORAIRA                 96 617 73 87


‘Premium Plus’ means better than average

The name is not helpful: it tells you nothing about what the restaurant is trying to achieve.  Everywhere is ‘premium’, and adding a ‘plus’ to it says very little. But that minor carping comment aside, this restaurant is rather better than anticipated.

It is situated in a row of bars and restaurants, ending with the establishment called ‘Fishy Fishy’, situated close to the centre of Moraira along the road leading to Calpe. Our initial concern was with parking: Friday is market day in Moraira but we need not have worried. By two o’clock there was parking, free, right outside the restaurant, until five p.m.

We had the choice of sitting on the outside terrace but chose to dine inside, where we were further away from a large party. The interior was pleasant, if a little dark, and we  were greeted with a glass of cava each, complete with a selection of summer fruits floating (or sinking) in the glass. Not bad at all.

The menu del dia is priced at €24.20 and that gave us a choice of half a dozen starters (soup, salad with goats cheese, Caesar salad, liver parfait, seafood cocktail and gambas).     

Four of us chose the Menu (excellent  gambas – firm, tasty, and not oily – and a tasty seafood cocktail) while two of our number saved their appetites for the main course. There was a welcome little amuse bouche to start with, matched by a lovely home-made lemon sorbet between courses.


For the main course some of us had an excellent rack of ribs, beautifully cooked. One of us chose the salmon and pronounced it ‘good’ while another  chose the pork fillet. The others selected steak, in one form or another, including a rib-eye  for which he paid an extra six euros for the privilege. We could also have had chicken or duck breast, so there were no complaints about menu choice.

If there was a weak spot it was the desserts – two of us selected the chocolate mousse and ended up with an overpoweringly sweet concoction which had very little to do with chocolate and rather more to do with meringue pieces and a lot of artificial whipped cream. Maybe we should have stuck with the ubiquitous creme catalan, or the cheese tart, or even the dreaded brownie. One of us selected the cheese board – it looked varied and interesting.

After the meal we had coffees and were offered chopitos of a dark muscatel – on the house – but the lure of a decent brandy (Torres, but not on the house…) proved irresistible to some.

What made the meal was that the price included half a bottle of house wine, and especially as that house wine was not just ‘OK’ but excellent. If you judge an establishment by the quality of their house wine, this was very, very good indeed. For white wine lovers we had a sauvignon blanc, with a Finca Los Trenzones label, and for the red a 2017 Rioja roble called Cueva de Lobo (€12.10). Well received, and quickly put away!

All in all, a very decent meal which thoroughly deserved its four stars. The owner, a Turkish man from Bulgaria, is also responsible for the bar a couple of doors away called, simply, ‘Premium’ and although he seemed disappointed not to have got five stars, we think he did rather well. Cost p.p. €28.

MR   77

Apr 272018
MAÑET,          MORAIRA     966490181


Delightful experience



Located at Avenida del Portet 126, in the Portet area of Moraira,  Mañet is a guesthouse with a restaurant and a substantial outdoor area complete with bars and al fresco dining overlooking the Mediterranean.

The buildings are modern and understated.

We opted for eating indoors as the weather outside was a bit misty. The head waiter advised us that the menu del día cost €18.  For this we would each receive three starters, a main course and dessert.

The starters were Carpaccio, baked potato with goats cheese and a lamb pasta envelope. All delicious and stylishly presented.




Our host selected Marques de Griñon Rueda Verdejo (€18) and Viña Salceda 2015 Crianza from Rioja (€14.50) and they certainly complemented the dishes.

We were served an orange and cava sorbet before continuing on to our main course. The choices were Bonito, rice with noodles or Cerdo Iberico and we all chose this latter dish which was tasty and most enjoyable.




Finally our dessert was chocolate cake with ice cream and served with a glass of Pedro Ximénez sherry. Together with coffees our elegant lunch by the seaside in Moraira cost €31.56 p.p.


SL 84  

Mar 092018
MONROES CARVERY,             MORAIRA      965744114


Comfort food for ex pats

Monroes Carvery has been in the business of feeding an expatriate clientele for many years, and is currently run by a daughter of the founder. Pictures and photographs of the famous Marilyn abound, although the connection with the film star would appear to be tenuous.

There are three restaurants in this group, two called Munroes Cavery, one in Pedreguer and the other in Moraira and the Nags Head in Benidorm makes up the chain. We visited Munroes Carvery at 7 Calle Mar Negro which is just off the main road leading into the centre of Moraira. Ample shaded parking was available.

Munroes clearly catered for many patrons at a time, given the volume of tables and place settings, many of them outdoors. It would appear that it was geared more to the self- service cavery model rather waiter service. At summertime Monroes would probably come into its own with visiting expatriates from the U.K. seeking a refuge from Spanish cuisine.

The menu is slightly overwhelming because of its sheer size. There are two menus del día priced at €9.95 and €12.50, the latter includes a half bottle of wine.

For starters many of our group selected prawn cocktail and found it to be innocuous. Smoked mackerel accompanied by brown bread and the Caesar salad were both pronounced good.


The main course selection was a lot more varied. Two of our group opted for steak strips, one was tender the other less so.  

The traditional cod and chips were acceptable but the bacon burger was dry and required added sauce. A homemade steak and kidney pudding looked suspiciously like it had come from a tin, but tasted fine.



Our host selected an agreeable Verdejo Viura from Rioja called Azabache (€7.95) and a red from Cariñina called Monasterio de las Vinas (€9.95). This was found to be wanting so we switched to a Rioja red called 1000 Mojas (€7.95) and it was a definite improvement.

Desserts included a delicious meringue dish and our lunch concluded with the usual coffees and brandies and our bill worked out at just €18.74 p.p.

PD 69    


Nov 042017



A bistro by any other name








Naming your eaterie ‘Restaurant Bistro’ may seem a bit unimaginative, and it must be difficult to stand out from the crowd when you are cheek-by-jowl with a number of other restaurants crammed around the Plaza de la Sort – the square right by the seafront in the centre of Moraira, next to the Club Nautico car park. It almost seems to be part of its neighbour, D’gust, but it turned out to be a good three-star place to eat. Centrally located, it offers a good choice of dishes for the Menu del Dia, priced at a reasonable 15 euros.

Coated mushrooms…


For starters we were offered mussels, calamares, mushrooms in breadcrumbs, melon with ham and mixed salad. We tried the first three and found them good. This was followed up by a popular solomillo de cerdo, with  a tasty pimento sauce; lenguado de la plancha (described as being ‘good but would have been better with some tartare sauce’); chicken pieces on a skewer; merluza (hake) and a spag. bol. which proved to be too big for one of our number.

Lenguado a la plancha….

Solomillo de Cerdo …







The postres turned out to be the usual Spanish offering of flan, flan or flan – actually there were profiteroles as well. Nothing to write home about, but presented well by an energetic and helpful member of staff. Coffees and brandies were offered by our generous host – an offer matched by the proprietor.

The ubiquitous crème caramel


The menu del dia would have included wine but this was declined in favour of the ever-drinkable Mantel, using verdejo grapes from Rueda and priced at 17 euros a bottle. The red wine lovers opted for a bottle of Ramon Bilbao at a couple of euros more.

All in all a pleasant lunch in the November sunshine, by the seaside. Who could ask for anything more?

The cost per head came to 28.25 euros.

74 PH                 

Oct 062017
THE KATHMANDU,              MORAIRA        966492436


Nice Nepalese nosh


There are four restaurants in the Kathmandu chain and this one is located at km 1.5 on the Moraira to Calpe road, close by the long established Restaurante Gemisant. The Kathmandu is staffed by friendly and helpful Nepalese.

We decided to lunch on the suave terrace rather than in the somewhat sombre interior of the restaurant.



The menu del día is extensive and priced at €13.95 for three courses.

We had a selection of delicious starters including Onion Bhaji, Tandoori chicken and Sheek kebab and so generous were the portions that some of us struggled to finish our main course and had to ask for takeaway bags.


For main course we selected Madras dishes of lamb, chicken, beef or prawn accompanied with really fine naan bread and some pulau rice.



The house wines were Valencian called Acantus, both acceptable.

Together with coffees or desserts and a complimentary brandy our Nepalese experience cost just €22.96 p.p.

KK 69



Sep 152017
AOI TEPPANYAKI,       MORAIRA      965743094


Authentic Japanese cuisine

Aoi Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant is located in the Andrago commercial centre at km 1.9 on the Moraira Calpe coast road, along with numerous other restaurants including the recently relocated Les Bretonnes.


Whilst we lunched on the patio because of the sunny weather, the interior of Aoi is very chic with a row of teppanyaki grills to sit around.








Our members chose primarily from a selection of Sushi dishes (€15.95) and the menu del día (€10.45).

The menu del día started with some soya bean pods, miso soup and a salad, thereafter spring rolls before the main course of delicious tempura prawns and vegetable tempura.  


The selection of Sushi dishes was outstanding and greatly enjoyed by our group.







The house wines both red and white, were Nuriana from Aragon (€11.50).

This genuine Japanese experience cost €25.69 p.p. and the general concensus was that Aoi Teppanyaki will require further visits….

RM 73

Jun 232017


BRISAS DEL MAR, C/la Mar, No. 2, Moraira      620 103 000


My, my, my, Moraira!












You might be forgiven for thinking that a modest little restaurant at the end of a row of eateries, alongside the car-park serving the Club Nautica, had much to be modest about: unassuming, unpretentious, and, oddly, un-occupied. The fifteen in our party more than made up for that, and the restaurant proved to be excellent value based around a Menu del Dia costing just 12 euros. Not bad for a sea-front restaurant in the heart of a popular town….




The Menu del Dia gave a choice of chopitos, salad, sardines or gazpacho – with the sardines being by far the most popular. And for good reason – they were excellent, with good flavour and texture. The second course saw more varied  choices with several opting for the Paella  Valenciana. Others went for the lenguado (sole) and five of us chose the rather tasty breast of chicken in a creamy sauce. The postres offered the usual suspects – profiteroles, ice creams, flan and so on. Nothing too imaginative, but still  very pleasant.

The price included pan y ali oli, and coffee was an option in lieu of the dessert. The house wines were unspectacular – one called ‘Salinas’ from Utiel Requeno (white) and a red temperanillo called ‘Monterio’. The success of the meal was enhanced by a fine bottle of brandy, the gift of our rash Kiwi member, and it added to a most pleasant Friday afternoon beside the seaside in the company of more Yorkshiremen than is normally advisable.

The total bill,  to include a rather impressive number of bottles of wine, came to a very reasonable euros 28.60 – and, rather helpfully, the restaurant handed out passes enabling us all to leave the car-park for free. That certainly appealed to the Yorkshire contingent….

PH  69

May 052017
JAVI´S ,                MORAIRA         965743254


Heavy on the rice!013

Javi´s was formerly known as Le Soleil  and is one of a number of restaurants bordering on Plaza La Sort, just back from the seafront in Moraira.






The restaurant is in triangular form with a tiny terrace down one side. The décor is chic and could possibly be softened by the addition of some fabric in the windows.

The menu del día is priced at €12 for three courses and a glass of wine. For starters we selected mussels, prawn cocktail, squid.



For main course we chose duck confit, merluza, Valencian paella and arroz negra. Overall the dishes were good but it was felt that a bit more meat and less rice would have been a better balance.




Our host selected a Chardonnay from Ucles called Escencia de Fontana and Vina Borgia to accompany the meal. Desserts were cheesecake with nuts and chocolate mousse. Together with coffees and brandies our lunch at Javi´s cost €23.40 p.p.

PH 73


Mar 102017
TASCA 42,            MORAIRA          965745594


Tapas treats in Moraira

Tasca 42 is located about one kilometre outside Moraira at Ctra. Moraira Calpe 128. It is a small tapas restaurant tastefully decorated and hosted by a friendly, service orientated Italian/Spanish couple. It belongs to that genre of innovative, high quality “Tascas” which are redefining the tapas concept, in this case with a slant towards organic vegetarian dishes.

Michele, the Italian owner, suggested a range of seven tapas, for a food price of €12 per person, an exceptional price/quality deal.

The wines were a white Campillo fermented in barrel (€10) and a Faustino Rioja Crianza; again great value at €9.

The tapas selection was as follows: calamar andaluza, mejillones al vapor (we had two portions as they were so good), habas con jamon iberico, croquettas de zanahoria, albondigas de berengena, el secreto iberico and a new tapa of the day –a mini hamburger of pork and liver with caramelised onion and spinach.

All in all, an excellent experience costing €18.90 p.p.  Recommended to visit soon before the prices go up.

RH 81


Sep 232016
TASCA MORAIRA,     MORAIRA        966491911


Delicious starters, pity about the rest…


dsc01324 dsc01309 dsc01321 dsc01313 dsc01315 dsc01316

Tasca Moraira is an atmospheric restaurant situated on Calle Playas in the old part of Moraira town overlooking the port. There are numerous restaurants in the area and the competition must be fierce between them. The menu especial at Tasca Moraira  costs €20 for a starter, a main course, dessert or coffee, but no drinks.

The starters were outstanding, in particular the prawns in garlic but also the calamares a la romana and the Tasca salad. These were followed up by a refreshing sorbet. Our host selected the house red, a perfectly acceptable Ribero del Duero called Darsena (€12.80) and traded up a bit for the white with a Verdejo from Rueda (€15.50).

The main courses, in contrast to the starters, were a disappointment. The entrecote was tough, the sole dry and the shoulder of lamb so-so.  Most of us skipped the dessert and settled for coffee and brandy. Our lunch which started so well at Tasca Moraira cost €31.21 p.p.

PH 71