Nov 302012
CASA SUSI,       MASSEROF   639686042


Mountains, music and meat.

It has been nearly 5 years since our Lunch Club last visited this restaurant which is located at Km. 5.5 on the road from Jalón to Sierra Bernia. At that time the restaurant was called Masserof but is now Casa Susi.

Masserof is a cluster of a few buildings rather than a village on a plateau in the mountains and boasts a wine museum, the landmark Verd i Vent restaurant and directly opposite, Casa Susi.


The restaurant is housed in a modern building with a bright airy dining room, which along with its south facing terrace, have great views of the surrounding mountain ranges.



There are two menus del día priced at €16 and €18, including all the wine you can drink. The wine is produced locally at Masserof and whilst the red is perfectly acceptable the white was somewhat lacking character.

Our enthusiastic hostess Susi served up three tasters before we even started our first course – broad beans in a spicy sauce, a mushroom head with garlic and a skewer each of spicy meat – all delicious.

Whilst this was going on a trio of South American musicians struck up and although they were most accomplished and pleasant to listen to, they did somewhat stifle conversation.




Most of us selected the more expensive of the two menus but there were no complaints about the meal that followed. For our starter we enjoyed a hearty lentil soup, a homemade lasagne and a fresh salad.


The main courses were all substantial and included Pork in a mushroom sauce, Osso Buco with a delicious rich sauce, grilled Lamb cutlets and Cordero al horno.






Finally we had a homemade flan and an almond cake with a strong flavour of cinnamon. Together with coffees and a complimentary mistella this hearty meal in the mountains cost just €18.63 p.p.


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