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FABY´S MIL AROMAS,              JAVEA          616460485


Maybe Faby´s, or not.. 004

Faby´s Mil Aromas is hidden away along with a number of other restaurants in a courtyard called La Plaza fronting onto the Carretera Cabo de la Nao in the Arenal district of Javea.

La Plaza courtyard is a pleasant area with palm trees providing shade for al fresco dining.




The menu del día (€12 including one drink) was presented on a blackboard and while were perusing our options our host asked to see the wine list, only to be told by our waiter, that the choice of wine was red, white or rosado!


We decided to order a bottle of white wine which turned out to be an acceptable Rueda Verdejo with the intriguing name of Musgo.
Our starter was hard boiled eggs with some avocado and unpeeled shrimps; hardly haute cuisine.008


One of the choices for the main course was filete de pescado a la naranja and when we enquired what type of fish was involved, our friendly waiter told us it was a white fish. When pressed further he conceded that it was merluza or hake.
We moved on and selected Milanese escalope of veal and this was accompanied by a bottle of La Mancha red called Albadia del Roble (for which we were charged €9 for a bottle of Rioja). 006
Subsequently we had a look at the interior of the restaurant and saw that there was a selection of at least four different bottles of red wine on display, but of course no way of making a choice without a wine list. We were beginning to bond with our server who told his name was Rudi, then he decided it was Miguel and finally Michael. Whenever Rudi felt a bit of pressure (there were after all two or three couples at other tables) he would tell us he only had two hands!
Our desserts included a cold crepe with tinned peaches…


Finally when he went to pay the bill, which worked out at a modest €19.33 p.p., our host was advised that Faby did not accept credit or debit cards. Oh, and when we asked for a card for the restaurant we were given a brochure and useful map of Javea which features an advertisement for Faby´s on the cover. Classy.1000 aromas 001
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