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Jul 312020

CASA CATY         JALON          660832838


  Still going strong

 Casa Caty, located on the north side of Plaza Las Ocas in the centre of Jalon, has been operating for many years. Indeed our club lunched here four years ago.

The menu del día offers a choice of two starters and several main courses which dictate the price of lunch.

For starters the garlic prawns were absolutely stunning and the stuffed peppers were tasty too.


We ordered the house wines to accompany our dishes and these were both from Navarra,  branded Finca del Fondo; a Chardonnay and a Tempranillo costing €11 each and very pleasant in the mouth.


Our main dishes were lamb with honey (€11), a very tender lenguado or cod (€13), a not very tasty swordfish (€12) and a fabulous duck cooked with red fruits (€14). This enjoyable lunch cost €22.16 p.p. and was well worth it.






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Feb 022018
RESTAURANTE DEL HIERRO,         JALON       692738016


Good lunch in an empty venue


The town of Jalon lies almost exactly on the Greenwich meridian and the Calle Mayor runs due north from the Plaza Mayor. It is a narrow street with a few shops and bars and at number 11 is the restaurant Del Hierro. It is not clear how it acquired this name “Of Iron” as it has traded as Indonesian, Chinese and rice restaurants over the past twenty years or so.

On entering the restaurant there is an intimate setting with table linen service, an attractive bar and interesting Spanish tiles on the walls.


In the back there is a larger room with the same decor but which was closed as we were the only customers for lunch.

The menu del día costs €16 including pan and alioli but not any drinks. Two of our party went for the menu and the others opted for à la carte. The menu lunchers chose a substantial dish of canelones and a pate with strawberries  and figs.

The others had gambas al ajillo (€5.50) that were in need of some extra salt for flavour.

For main course the choices were medallions of solomillo of pork (€13.50 when not on the menu del día),  magret de pato (€14) and stone grilled entrecote (€16.80).  All well presented and tasty although one the solomillos was a little chewy.

On the wine front our host selected a Rueda Verdejo called Vega Mascan (€13) and a Vegamar Merlot (€12). Both pleasant. Together with coffees and brandies our pleasant lunch in the heart of Jalon cost €29.62 p.p.

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May 272016



Dracula´s Memories opened this Spring and to date only operates in the evenings, however the owners decided to open for our Friday lunch group as a favour. The chef, a Romanian lady called Alina, was formally chef in the Pedramala restaurant and so has serious credentials.


The restaurant is located close to the Post Office on Avenida Juan Carlos in Jalon and with the exception of a slightly gruesome corner, the décor is elegant.



We were presented with a menu del día priced at €20 not including drinks. The starter was an attractively presented selection of tapas – deep fried camembert and deep fried mushrooms, freshly pressed tomato on toast and a salad of vegetables and tiny prawns.

Our host provided a Rueda Verdejo (€12) called Analivia (curiously the latin name for the River Liffey) and a Ribero del Duero crianza (€15) called Romantica, both very acceptable.DRACULA´S MEMORIES 002



For main course the choice was between fillets of sole or pork schnitzel Transylvania style, accompanied by chips that were a little soggy.DRACULA´S MEMORIES 005

Our desserts were apple pie and cheesecake. We rounded off our enjoyable lunch with coffees and brandies for a cost p.p. of just over €35. Let´s hope Dracula´s Memories will be open for lunch on a regular basis before long…

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May 132016
CASA CATY, JALON   Tel  660 832 838


Yummy Morrocan lamb

casa caty 027



This small restaurant is located on Calle Santo Domingo looking onto Plaza Las Ocas in Jalon.

The owners have made maximum use of the available space to accommodate a veritable clutter of tables.

casa caty 025


There are two menus del día priced at €13 and €16 and most of us opted for the former. The bread rolls were warm, the alioli fresh and for starters there was a selection of four tapas comprising stuffed peppers, meatballs, salad and fried liver with a particularly tasty sauce.


casa caty 017

One of our group opted for the €16 menu and instead of the selection of tapas had a fabulous dish of grilled caty 019


Our host kindly traded up on the wines and an unbranded Albariño (€12.50) and a Faustino Crianza (€15) certainly added to enjoyment of the lunch.


For main course most of us went for Casa Caty´s speciality – shoulder of lamb cooked Morrocan style for four hours in an oven with honey and dates; delicious.

casa caty 024


The remaining member had a rack of ribs which were very tender.

We skipped dessert and instead opted for coffees and our agreeable lunch including tip cost €24 p.p.




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Oct 102014
BISTRO SELENE,           JALON         602600751


Look out for the seals


BDSC00797istro Selene opened this summer in the Riu Rau building on the Jalon to Benissa road that up until 2009 housed Caramull and thereafter until 2011, Ganivet i Forqueta. There are a couple of seals standing in the garden in front of the restaurant which makes it easy to find.DSC00800
The menu del día is priced at €15, drinks not included. The chef is Belgian and he particularly impressed with his exquisite starters which included a goat´s cheese salad, sardines and homemade pate sandwiched by pastry with a drizzle of honey.DSC00787



To accompany these dishes we had Martin Berasategui Rueda Verdejo and Navarra Tempranillo Cabernet, both priced at €10.
Our choice of main course included confit de pato, grilled tuna, cod with a white wine sauce and pork tenderloin with a mustard sauce.


These were all cooked to perfection but were a little bland. Our host traded up on the red wine choosing a Toro called Matsu (€15).

In addition to the Belgian chef, Bistro Selene is run by a young enthusiastic team of Spanish and French and deserves to do well.

Whilst we lunched in the Naya looking onto the seals, the restaurant´s interior is very modern and elegant. Cost p.p. €23.60
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selene 001



Sep 302011
    (+34) 966481309        


 Authentic noisy Valencian Riu Rau 

Formerly named Caramull, Ganivet i Forqueta (Knife & fork in Valenciano) is locatated in a former Riu Rau on the edge of Jalon on the road to Benissa.

This long building would originally have been used by farmers to dry raisins.


There was a choice of three menus & we selected the menu arroz, priced at €15 including a glass of wine. The other menus were priced at €22 & €34.90.

Ganivet I Forqueta prides itself on producing much of the vegetables, herbs and olive oil that accompany its dishes, which are best described as nouvelle cuisine Valencian style.  The designer tablewear and glasses complemented this contemporary style.

We enjoyed a dish of cucumber with a home made organic bread and olive oil, followed  by a small pizza or coca with tomato pesto. A fresh salad with a delicious seed  dressing was followed by a cream of rabbit liver with stunning crunchy biscuit from Soria, or a tiny beef stew with a cube of potato.

We tried the two rice dishes on offer, the rabbit with caramalised onions was far better than the rather bland cod offering.

The dessert was almond & raisin  tart with whipped egg white which did not add to the dish. Our host selected  Ribeiro Vilerma white and Viña Alberdi Crianza from La Rioja priced at €18.50.

An enjoyable lunch in an authentic noisy Valencian Riu Rau.

Cost p.p  €26.40

BD  77

N.B. This restaurant  closed December 2011.