May 152015
LAS BAIRETAS,        DENIA        966422891


Very Spanish & noisy!    014

We reached Las Bairetas restaurant by walking the length of Calle Loreto, the main street for restaurants and bars in Denia, and there it was at Calle La Mar no.5, just below the walls of the castle and next to the Ayuntamiento.
This is a very Spanish restaurant and we were the only foreigners there having lunch this Friday.

The restaurant is an interesting building with high ceilings and this made for a noisy lunch as the chatter from the patrons echoed around the room.

Las Bairetas do not have a menu del día, but rather a menu del degustacion which is priced at €18 not including drinks. This tasting menu consists of five starter courses followed by a main rice course and dessert.

There are five options for each of the starter courses and, as the ingredients change each day depending on what is on offer at the fish and main food markets in Denia, it is no surprise that there is no printed menu.
For the first of our five starters we chose a salad of marinated cod, egg and tomato.004

We moved on to a somewhat bland dish of beans and shrimps. Thereafter things improved and our third starter was an interesting pot of rich duck liver mixed with mushrooms.
The taste buds were decidedly tickled by starter number four, a very flavoursome dish of smoked salmon, smoked aubergine sauce with baby potatoes. 007

The last of our starter dishes was morcilla with pesto, cheese, caramelised onions and anis. Wonderful!008
For the main course, there was again a choice of five rice dishes to choose from and we went for a dry rice paella of gambas and chicken and very good it was too.


Our host selected a Rueda Verdeja called Optimus (€16.40) and a Rioja called Romantica (€14.10) to accompany all these dishes.

Finally we enjoyed a selection of five different desserts, which along with coffees and brandy brought the cost of this lunch up to €31.30 p.p.



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Nov 282014
SAMARUC,        DENIA          667785523


Tapa heaven

Samaruc is run by a brother and sister from Sevilla, a city renowned for tapas. The restaurant is to be found on the outskirts of Denia at Las Rotas in a modest house set back from Denia to Javea road.DSC00851[1]
The décor inside is also quite modest, but the food is exceptional. There is no menu del día but instead tapas priced at €3.50, €7 and €14.50 depending on the portion size.DSC00860[1]
Our selection included oxtail meatballs with a ginger and apple sauce, cassoulet of baby broad beans with ham and poached egg, croquettes of Denia gambas rojas, peppers stuffed with feta cheese and paprika and finally croquettes of iberico ham with orange oil. What a feast!





Although some of us were wavering we went on to complete our lunch with fillet of beef and a dish of cooked iberico ham. Our host selected an Albariño from the Rias Baixas called Alectum and a Penedes Merlot from the Torres stable called Atrium, both priced at €18.
All in all this gastronomic experience cost €37.80 p.p.
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Oct 242014
COVA DEL MERO,          DENIA          965784864


On the beachcova del mero (2)

Cova del Mero is to be found on the beach 5kms north of Denia just off the Carretera Las Marinas. The restaurant is extensive with a large patio area that is sheltered from the elements by a not particularly attractive tent like structure. The food however makes up for any deficiencies on the décor front.

The specialities of Cova del Mero are rice dishes and fish. There are three menus del día, starting at €18 and moving up to €23. The portions were all most generous and we started with delicious chiperones fritos, cuttlefish and salads.cova del mero (6)
Our host chose to ignore the house wines and instead selected a Rueda Verdejo called Sanz and the reliable Viña Pomal Crianza, both priced at €15.

cova del mero (9)
For our main course we had pork fillet with a port sauce and grilled sole, both cooked to perfection. Home made profiteroles were the choice for dessert.


We completed our enjoyable meal with coffees and the rather pricey brandy (€4.50), pushed the cost up to €31.66    p.p.

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Jun 132014


Dutch treat

Mapamundi is a long established restaurant run by a Dutch couple called Petra and Fred. It is located at Calle Rap No. 2, which is a side street off the main road running through Las Marinas, about one kilometre to the north of Denia. This area is a bit of surburban sprawl with lots of seaside apartments, supermarkets and restaurants just away from the sandy beach.



The restaurant itself probably started life as a bar, which still takes up about a third of the indoor space; then a terrace was added on, and although it still is a relatively small venue, the main thing is that the food is very good. There is a menu del día priced at €14 or a tapas menu priced at €14.75. We tried both, as well as going à la carte.

From the menu del día we selected a salad with baked brie and a sweet red berry sauce. This was followed up by turkey breast with orange sauce and salmon cooked in a white wine sauce. Both good.
The tapas lunchers enjoyed a selection of jamon, manchego cheese, calamares, boquerones, meatballs and potato salad. This was followed by gambas cooked in garlic and a wild boar stew.

The off piste lunchers all went for the gambas dish enjoyed by the tapas brigade and then devoured substantial racks of spare ribs. We accompanied our lunch with the house wines, the white a Rueda Verdejo called Musgo and the red a Yecla called Vinalopi, both priced at €9.95. DSC00535

For dessert there was crunchy coated ice cream and the classic dame blanche, both quite decadent. Together with coffees and brandies our dutch treat cost €31.87 p.p.
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Jun 062014
EL BRAVO, DENIA 966425376


Bravo indeed!





El Bravo is one of a number of chic glass and chrome restaurants to be found in the Marina area of Denia harbour. Amongst its neighbours are other favourites of ours such as Denia Republic and Isla de Tortuga. Interestingly the chef and all of the waiters are from Bulgaria although the cuisine is mainstream.



The menu del día costs €18.95 for three courses, not including drinks. Of the starters sampled undoubtedly the sautéed seafood was the winner by a mile, beautifully presented and delicious too. The prawn cocktail in comparison, was a poor second, although it was perfectly acceptable.

We enjoyed a Rueda Verdejo Viura blend called Florecilla (€13.20) with the starters and moved on to a Rioja, also priced at €13.20, called Señorio de Uñuela for the main course and both were very pleasant.

All of our party went for meat for their main course; duck breast with a delicious red fruits sauce, medallions of beef with vegetables and the star of meal, Chuletons of beef. These were either T Bones or massive sirloins of Galician beef to be shared between two. Wonderful!
Desserts were a choice of Brownie with ice cream or Profiteroles, both served with a rich chocolate sauce.

Earlier in the meal our Bulgarian hosts provided us with a free bottle of white wine and then to accompany our coffees, brandies in carefully heated glasses. Our most enjoyable lunch cost €30.63 p.p.

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Oct 182013

LA SEU,            DENIA   966424478


Sooo good…DSC00001

Another visit to Calle Loreto in Denia, this time to number 59 where Restaurante La Seu is to be found, a few doors away from its sister Ca la Pepa Teresa. Indeed the layout of the two is very similar with a long courtyard enclosed by high walls and an awning to keep out any inclement weather or low flying eggs.


Unusually however, the kitchen is in full view of the diners behind a glass wall and one can clearly see that everything is produced from scratch and the freshness of the dishes shines through the whole meal.DSC00017


La Seu´s menu del dia costs €18 and includes an array of tapas followed by one of three rice main courses and a dessert.  Some of us preferred to select a main course from the à la carte menu and this was achieved by a supplement of €6.


The starter dishes included freshly baked bread and toast with garlic and olive oil. There followed carpaccio of red tuna, again really fresh. The cocas of grilled vegetable and sliced mackerel were particularly tasty as were the other tapas of sliced veal with herbs and sautéed calamari with artichokes.DSC00006DSC00007


As the menu del día does not include drinks our host selected a really excellent Rueda Vedejo called Gorgorito (€14) and a Ribero del Duero called Viridiana (€16) to accompany our meal.DSC00004


The main courses were rice with cuttlefish, rice with meat and vegetables and arroz abanda and all three were given the thumbs up by our experts. Those of us that went “off piste” selected fillet of Angus beef and a rock fish called Sargo, both good.


Together with coffees and brandy this delicious meal cost €38.25 p.p. 

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Sep 132013

DSC01161CA LA PEPA TERESA,         DENIA     965784547



It´s not often that we have eggs dropping out of the sky next to our table whilst enjoying lunch, but it happened at Ca La Pepa Teresa which is to be found at Calle Loreto no. 23 in Denia.

We were seated in the courtyard in the back of the restaurant and for most of the meal the staff had the awning in operation lest the cloudy day turned rainy. In fact the sun came out and so the awning was drawn back, and some ten minutes later two raw eggs came flying in and splattered on the ground next to our table, glancing a guest nearby on the shoulder. Needless to say the awning was speedily put back in place and our lunch continued without further drama.


Ca La Pepa Teresa has a really excellent menu del día consisting of 5 plates of tapas, a main course and dessert for €16. Drinks are extra. 


We started with a wonderful loaf of fresh bread combined with tomato and alioli. The tomato was so good we asked for more. There followed a plate of cigales/langoustines on a bed of ice and thereafter a salad with a delicious balsamic dressing. 


 Next were patatas bravas and finally a plate of deep fried fish and crabs.DSC01166

For our main course most of us chose grilled Angus fillet but two of our table shared  a meat and vegetable paella.

The house wines cost €15 a bottle and were a refreshing Rueda Verdejo called Nebla and a Ribero del Duero Roble called Viridiana.DSC01164


Desserts included Tiramisú, ice cream and mousse au chocolate. Together with coffees and brandies this memorable meal cost €34.37 p.p.


JB 81    

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Jun 212013
DSC01066REPUBLIC DENIA,  DENIA   966430123



Republic Denia is located in the new Marina on  the first floor of the building next to the one housing the Isla de Tortuga restaurant that we lunched in back in early 2011. Below the restaurant are moored yachts valued at millions of Euros and when one tires of enviously looking at them there is the magnificent Montgo to admire.

The restaurant itself is elegant in a functional way and being midsummer we decided to lunch on the terrace albeit under the shade of the retractable awnings.


Their menu del día, priced at €16.50 not including wine, is a not at all democratic and is a bit of a misnomer, as there is in fact no choice of courses. The first course was cold meats, salad and brie and this was followed by a small portion of absolutely delicious gaspacho – just perfect for a hot day.DSC01062


A lemon sorbet cleared our pallets before we took on the barbecued mixed grill.


The dessert was cheesecake which turned out a lot better than some of our group had expected.


Our host selected Gran Cardiel Rueda Verdejo (€17.00) and for red, Raimat Casal (€14.50), both very pleasant.


One of our party decided to go off piste and had gaspacho (€5.75) followed by Thai fish cakes (€7.75) with which he was delighted. Republic Denia offered Mistellas on the house and after coffees the total p.p. amounted to €36.04.    DSC01069

RH 74


Jun 072013

LA LLAURA DORA         DENIA    966431764


Lots of laughs DSC01025



Calle Loreto is a pedestrian street in Denia with lots of bars and restaurants and it is a pleasant experience to wander along whilst itinerant musicians create a bohemian atmosphere.


At No.12 is La Llaura Dora de Loreto which is located on the site of a former convent and school. In the courtyard is a statue of Our Lord and it was under His gaze that we tucked into a most enjoyable lunch.


The menu del día is priced at just €10 for two courses, dessert or coffee and includes one glass of wine or beer. The food is unpretentious and the presentation basic, but nonetheless the meal was tasty and wholesome.


For starters most of us chose cocas which are mini pizzas, or arroz a banda and for main course the popular choices were chuletas de cordero and a tender solomillo al strogonoff.DSC01028


Our wines were a Rueda Verdejo called Vera Cruz and a Crianza from Ribero del Duero both priced between €12 and €14. We were served by a friendly and enthusiastic Colombian lady who contributed in no small way to our good spirits. Total cost p.p. €24.


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Nov 042011
EL PORT, DENIA  Tel 965784973


Sole, but lacking soul…

The aptly named El Port is to be found amongst a row of restaurants and bars looking onto the harbour of Denia at Explanada Bellavista. Because it was a wet November day, we sat outside the main restaurant in an area with plastic walls and an umbrella heater that we had turned off, that would otherwise have been an al fresco experience in summer.

The menu del dia was priced at €11.95. We started with crepes de langostinos  & setas which were acceptable but not exciting, or a very substantial serving of calamares which we all shared. For the main course there was a dish of mixed fish, which was declared as excellent, also sole fillets also pronounced excellent, fillet of pork, which was good but not special and monkfish a la marinera which turned out to be two tired strips of monkfish swimming in a sad tomato soup.

For desserts most of us went for the profiteroles, but others for crème catalan or chocolate mousse.

We started with the white house wine which was from Navarra but we switched to Cantosan Verdejo from Rueda and a Rioja Crianza called Pergamino.

Maybe our experience would have been better on a sunny day.

Price p.p.  €20.24.

El Port, Bellavista, 12, 03700 Denia

                                                                                                                              RH 60