Feb 162018
LA FONTANELLA,               CALPE        865527743

Oh dear!




La Fontanella is an Italian restaurant located near the rambla below the old town district of Calpe at Pintor Sorolla 19. This street is not very attractive but you should never judge a book by its cover.

The restaurant inside is substantial and although there is a table linen service the overall ambiance is not particularly endearing. There are three menus del día to choose from priced at €8, €10.50, €12.50 and €14.50.

Most of our table selected the €12.50 menu and there was a choice of starters with ham and melon or bruschetta.

For the more expensive menu our diner selected coctel de gambas but it turned to be a singular shrimp with shredded carrot and lettuce,  albeit with a delicious sauce.

The pasta course was spaghetti bolognesa or tagliatelli carbonara; both ok. The main course was escalope Milanese served with chips but no trimmings, so the appearance of the dish was somewhat spartan.

Our host splashed out on some pleasant wines, a white called La mas Bonita (€14.50) and a Ribiero del Duero called Viejo Mundo (€14.90).  Although our waitress was pleasant, our service was slow and we had to request for water four times before it was brought to the table.

On the positive side the restaurant was clean, there was plenty of parking in the nearby streets and we were offered chopitos on the house, at the end of our lunch which cost €27.16 p.p.

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Jul 082016
BAR ESPAÑA,               CALPE    865670502



Bar España is a small restaurant located on Calle la Mar 5a in the hilly part of Calpe near the Cultural centre. In summer the restaurant uses the sidewalk on the other side of the street to place tables for al fresco dining.

The menu del día costs €10.50 and includes a half bottle of wine. We started our lunch with gazpacho and salad and moved on to grilled lamb, chicken breast and fried merluza. All rather bland.

Cost p.p. €18.44

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Apr 202012
 REAL CLUB NAUTICO, CALPE (34) 965874860


Titanic disaster

 When you walk into a restaurant and the waiters outnumber the guests, the warning signs are there, even in the pompously named Royal Nautical club of Calpe. The setting to be fair, is verging on spectacular, with the iconic Peñon de Ifach towering above the yacht club restaurant.

The weather was sunny and warm so we selected a table on the terrace to take in the view of flashy motor cruisers and expensive yachts rather than sit inside. The menu del día was priced at €16.50 including a half bottle of wine but offered no choice of starter or main course so selecting the wine was the only matter requiring a decision on our part.

An inoffensive Alicante white wine called Silene was selected and we had pan alioli whilst waiting for the first course. This was a tasty Pulpo à la Gallega, small slices of boiled Octopus garnished with paprika, rock salt & olive oil. Shortly after, a second starter of very fresh grilled sardines completed this part of the lunch.

Our main course was Cordon Bleu, which brought together rolled slices of veal, ham and cheese. This was tasty in itself but was only accompanied by chips, so our lunch was devoid of salad or any green vegetables.

There was a choice of desserts; uninspiring Flan or fresh unripe Melon.

This week was the commemoration of the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic; our lunch was memorable for the lack of choice and at the price of €17.16 p.p. was decidedly overpriced.

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