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Authentic mountain fare

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Refugio, as it is known, is a long established family restaurant located in a stunning setting in the mountains on the AV 1424 between Pinos and Jalon. The Sierra Bernia mountain range  looms above the restaurant and Refugio has glorious views over the countryside down to the coast below.

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On entering the restaurant one notices an open fire at the back of the room where pieces of rabbit, lamb and chicken are being grilled. This is simple authentic mountain fare.



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There is also an option of paella which is also cooked on the open fire.

We chose the selection of meats, which together with tapas and salad for starters, and including the local carafe wine was priced at €13.


Three tapas of smoked tuna, mushrooms and lastly pork dishes got us off to a good start. They were followed by a substantial fresh salad that was slightly salty, probably because of the vinegar dressing.refugio 008

For our main course we had the selection of grilled chicken, rabbit and lamb and they were delicious.

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The house red wine was deceptively smooth and together with coffees our enjoyable excursion in the mountains cost just over €18 p.p.

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REAL DE BERNIA, BERNIA (+34)  644036248


Over the hills…

Sierra Bernia is an impressive mountain range running from the Mediterranean coast just south of Calpe due West. It was this physical barrier that defined how far south Valenciano was to be spoken and where Castillion or Spanish became the official language.

The Real de Bernia restaurant recently opened for business & is located at km 11 on the Jalon to Pinos road. It is an uninspiring modern building but looks directly onto the towering wall that is Sierra Bernia.

There are three menus on offer, priced at €12, €15 and €18 and we chose from the first two. We shared a generous fresh salad, followed by some fried liver and a potato dish with a tasty sauce.

The €12 diners enjoyed a classic paella whereas the €15 members savoured a grilled rabbit dish that was pronounced “one of the best ever” and lamb cutlets, some of which were rather overcooked and therefore dry. We all had coffees rather than dessert.

We declined having a half bottle of the house wine each (from the dreaded Jalon Coop) and instead discovered that seriously good wines were on offer at bargain prices. The Protos Rueda cost just €8 and a Ribero del Duero roble 2009 called Obra was only €9.50. An enjoyable lunch with exceptional views for €20.75 p.p.

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