Apr 282017
CASA DE BENI-ASIA,         BENITACHELL    966494042


Oriental delights

The Beni-Asia has been in business for a number of years under the watchful eye of the diminutive Fan-Fan. It is located on Calle Assegador which is the road leading up to Cumbre del Sol, just past the traffic lights in town.



The choice of menus is extensive and our host took an executive decision to opt for the 5 people menu (priced at €13 p.p.) times three, there being a record 15 around the table for lunch – 10 members and 5 guests.


We started with prawn and duck roll, deliciously crisp with one of the sauces offered, served on warm plates. Then on to a huge supply of shredded crispy duck, which was wrapped by us into the thinnest of gossamer warm pancakes.

A change of pace then took place, as supplies of sweet and sour chicken, Thai beef with green leaf vegetable, individually roasted pork ribs, more prawns, this time with bamboo and Chinese mushrooms, and a mixed vegetable dish.

All this was accompanied by Yang Chow fried rice and noodles. Included in the price of the meal was a half bottle of Alcanta house wine, or water. Some of the members decided to trade up to a Verdejo-Viura blend named Palacio de Vivero (€8.95).



The meal terminated with a glass of Magno brandy and the total cost amounted to €18.04 a head. Truly a prince´s feast at a pauper´s price.




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