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Apr 262013
CAL MORELL    ORBA   965584000


Better in Orbeta   



Cal Morell is not the easiest of restaurants to find, but it is definitely worth the effort. It is located in a backstreet of Orba called Calle d´Enmig on the south eastern side of the town in an area known as Orbeta.

The restaurant is quite rustic in appearance with whitewashed walls and nooks and crannies providing intimate dining possibilities. DSC00928

The menu del día is priced according to the main course selected and ranges from €14.50 to €19.50, not including wine.


There were three obligatory starters to enjoy, the first was a Valencian salad using really fresh vegetables of the season. This was followed by a Timbal de Verduras which consisted of aubergine, cheese and tomato wrapped in strips of courgette. Finally a local dish called Berenai de Pasqua which was a small stew of lamb and pulses.DSC00920


For our main courses, each one priced at €18.50, we had wonderfully tender medallions  of beef, oven baked beef cheek and a slightly dry duck with a delicious bitter apple salsa.  


Desserts were all home made a beautifully presented; caramelized apple with ice cream, chocolate mousse and a pumpkin and chocolate cake.


Our host did not hold back on the wines and we enjoyed a Rueda Verdejo called Mantell (€13.00) and a powerful 2009 Ribero del Duero called Teófilo Reyes (€23.00). Together with coffees and brandy our enjoyable lunch cost €34.57 p.p.


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