Mar 252016
CAFETERIA L´ASSUT,                    JALON                 966481011


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Our lunch club is proud of the fact that we will explore any venue in the Marina Alta in the hope of finding a great place to subsequently bring our partners with confidence. Cafeterias however have not featured very often and unfortunately our experience in L´Assut was not encouraging.
L´Assut is located on the corner of La Teulera Commercial Centre, nearby the iconic Bar Aleluya and opposite the Tourist Office and site of the famous Jalon Rastro.

The high ceilings of the cafeteria provide a somewhat barn-like ambience. The service is friendly and efficient and a TV was showing a bike race throughout our lunch. Most of us opted for the tapas menu which was priced at €12.50 + IVA for six tapas and a glass of wine.

One of our group opted for an Argentine entrecote priced at €15 and was very pleased with his choice.



The tapas however, although freshly made using good quality ingredients, with the exception of a delicious dish of mushrooms, were frankly bland and uninspiring.L´ASSUT 006
The house wines were from the Marina Alta area and branded Seleccion Finca MS; the white was just 11% alc/vol and the red an acceptable 13%. L´ASSUT 008


Our host however traded up to a delicious Rioja crianza called Lopez de Haro (€13.75)
When we asked about the choice of desserts we were advised we could have flan or flan, so we had coffees and brandies instead.
The cost of our middle of the road lunch was €18.40 p.p.

MH 65    L'Assut Jalon

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