Sep 152017
AOI TEPPANYAKI,       MORAIRA      965743094


Authentic Japanese cuisine

Aoi Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant is located in the Andrago commercial centre at km 1.9 on the Moraira Calpe coast road, along with numerous other restaurants including the recently relocated Les Bretonnes.


Whilst we lunched on the patio because of the sunny weather, the interior of Aoi is very chic with a row of teppanyaki grills to sit around.








Our members chose primarily from a selection of Sushi dishes (€15.95) and the menu del día (€10.45).

The menu del día started with some soya bean pods, miso soup and a salad, thereafter spring rolls before the main course of delicious tempura prawns and vegetable tempura.  


The selection of Sushi dishes was outstanding and greatly enjoyed by our group.







The house wines both red and white, were Nuriana from Aragon (€11.50).

This genuine Japanese experience cost €25.69 p.p. and the general concensus was that Aoi Teppanyaki will require further visits….

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